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In Western Connecticut

Tree Removal

The presence of a diseased tree can leave you looking for tree removal in Western Connecticut. Sometimes it is hard to decide when a tree needs to be uprooted and disposed of. However, protecting your home and other structures is of the utmost import.

Eliminating dead or damaged trees involves a multi-step process. We will cut the tree down, remove limbs, and then dispose of them. The remaining stump can be ground out if you are desirous of that service, as well.

Call (860) 200-7077, or email Apache Tree Service to get your free tree removal estimate. We specialize in low impact, technical tree removals, no matter the size.

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Reasons for Tree Removal

Generally, people remove trees from their property due to disease, or the possibility that they might fall and cause damage. Determining when to get trees removed in Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury and elsewhere in Western Connecticut doesn’t have to be as challenging as it appears.

In fact, it often helps to ask questions about the tree you are considering having removed.

Is the tree a less than desirable species? Meaning, does it consist of weak wood, or shallow roots? Is it the kind of tree that drops a lot of debris or attracts insects?

The health of the tree is certainly a determining factor. If more than 50% of the tree is dead, it is probably a good candidate for removal. We can make that determination for you when you call us for your free estimate.

Keep in mind that a tree’s trunk is its biggest strength. Therefore, damage to the trunk is another thing to consider. Look for vertical cracks and old wounds that would suggest there is permanent injury or additional disease.

Other signs a tree is in danger include:

  • Large dead branches
  • Dead branches on one side only
  • Sprouts arising from the tree’s base (epicormic shoots)
  • Large fungus or rot at the base
  • The tree is leaning

Trees provide us with shade and much needed oxygen. But, when they get sick, they can become dangerous.

Ascertaining when that danger is imminent is important. And, it is best to have damaged and diseased trees removed by the professionals.

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Tree Removal Pricing

Tree removal pricing is specific to the tree and the location. Because trees come in all shapes and sizes, it is important that each one is uniquely considered.

There are things that can alter the costs. Location is significant because tree removal often requires large equipment. So, the ease in which the tree is accessed will affect the overall cost of removal.

Larger trees take more time to remove and utilize more man-power. Therefore, the sheer size of the tree is a determining factor.

If you are looking to have a tree removed, our Western Connecticut tree service offers free estimates and can be reached by phone or email.

Apache Tree Service is Here for You

Our owner, Lenny Swirda, is a tree removal expert in western CT and the surrounding areas. He has established his family owned business as a value to the community since 2013.

Whether you are looking for tree removal, stump grinding, or limb trimming, Apache Tree Service is here for you. We can be reached by email or phone and will gladly provide you with a free estimate for all your tree-based needs.

We employ green materials whenever they are available and appropriate. And, we’ve been HomeAdvisor screened.

Large and small tree removal services are part of our specialization. We understand that sometimes trees are beyond repair and must be removed.

Let us meet those needs for you. Give us a call today for your free no-obligation quote.

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