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Apache Tree Service in Western Connecticut

Apache Tree Service is owned by Lenny Swirda. Our services extend through Waterford, Danbury, Norwalk, Bridgeport, Stamford and other areas of Western Connecticut.

The arborists employed by Apache Tree Service know trees. They are adept at diagnosing and making proper recommendations for your individual tree service needs.

Apache Tree Service is committed to providing you with competitive pricing and a positive experience. We are Green Certified and HomeAdvisor Screened. Your trees are safe with us.

Tree Removal

Deciding to remove a tree is a daunting task. There are times you may want to remove trees due to the aesthetics you seek for your property, but there are other instances in which you should consider the health of the tree as well.

Before you decide to have a tree removed, contact one of the arborists at Apache Tree Service. They can help you ascertain whether the tree is a species worthy of attempting to heal, or if there is significant disease or damage that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Tree removal services involve cutting the tree down. However, that process isn’t as simple as taking a chain saw and yelling “Timber!” In fact, one of our arborists will probably need to climb the tree and rope off small sections to ensure that it doesn’t fall in an undesirable way.

Those sections will then have to be hauled away or mulched. Of course, this is all dependent upon the size of the tree. Larger trees take more man power and will therefore cost more.

However, Apache Tree Service offers no-obligation, free, quotes. You can schedule your free estimate by email or phone, five days a week. At that time our arborists will be able to consider all the additional factors attached to your individual situation.

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Call Apache Tree Service for Your Free Estimate: (860) 200-7077

Tree Pruning & Trimming

tree trimming

If you choose not to have your tree removed, you might want to consider accessing Apache Tree Service’ tree trimming services. While trees offer some tremendous benefits to life and livelihood, there are situations that necessitate trimming.

Limbs that hang over the house or other structures are a potential hazard. They could fall in the middle of a wind, rain, or snow storm and cause considerable damage.

Other limbs, while not directly damaging to structures, could cause injury. These limbs are those that appear to have sustained damage or are diseased. Be keenly aware of any limbs that appear dead or cracked. They should be the first ones you have trimmed.

Tree trimming in Western Connecticut is a service Apache Tree Service offers. We will come to your home and ascertain which limbs are at the greatest risk of falling. And then our arborists will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

Prices for tree trimming vary based on the size and number of limbs that are being removed. Rest assured that the quote you receive will be based on your specific needs. And, you can get that quote by calling or emailing Apache Tree Service, today.

Dumpster Services

10, 20 & 30 yard dumpster services are highly advisable for several reasons. People who are cleaning out in preparation for a move, whether in a residential or commercial situation, will need these services.

Having a dumpster on the property makes hauling excess trash considerably easier. You can throw all your remodeling and demolition waste in the dumpster and wait for Apache Tree Service to haul it away for you.

If you think you might be needing dumpster services, no matter the reason, feel free to send us an email or give us a call for your free estimate. We are available five days a week.

Our Other Tree Care Services

Perhaps you need other tree care services, like spraying or stump grinding. We also provide Snow Removal services as soon as the seasons shift. Apache Tree Service is ready to meet you at your point of need:

Tree Spraying

Our arborists can determine if you have pest-ridden or diseased trees.

We can then provide you with regular scheduled spraying to help eradicate the issue and prevent spreading to other trees.

Stump Grinding

After you have a tree removed, the stump that is left behind can be both unsightly and dangerous.

You will want to have stump grinding performed to prevent injury to those who may walk in your yard. And, it will make mowing considerably easier.

Tree Health Care

Trees are a vital part of the environment. And, the average person is not properly trained to recognize the signs and symptoms that are present when a tree is becoming sick.

Tree health care services allow trained arborists to inspect and diagnose the health and well-being of the trees on your property. And, they can then make recommendations for a healing process or removal.

Tree Risk Assessment

This is a particularly valuable service to employ when you are considering purchasing a piece of property. Understanding which trees are potentially hazardous can help you make an informed decision.

Even if you already own the property, having the trees on it assessed for risk is highly advisable. It is always better to be proactive about these things as you do not want anyone, or anything, to sustain damage because a limb, or entire tree, falls.

Call Apache Tree Service for Your Free Estimate: (860) 200-7077

Choose Apache Tree Service

No matter what issue your trees might be facing, the arborists employed by Apache Tree Service are well-trained to meet all your needs. They utilize green materials whenever the scope of the job allows.

Because Apache Tree Service is a family owned business, we understand the value of good customer service. That is why we strive to offer you competitive pricing and a pleasant experience.

We service Western Connecticut and the surrounding areas and have been doing so since 2013. Our arborists will provide you with free, no obligation quotes when you call or email us. We look forward to working with you soon. Your trees are in good hands with us!